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Empowerment Through Community

Real World Spirituality is the brainchild of Rachael Setford - Berry & Nici Gorman. 

RWS is a weekly online community space to connect, explore, heal and experience spirituality, in a real and authentic way!

With a lifetime (or many lifetimes) of experience, we understand that your spiritual journey can frankly be a minefield, with so many rabbit holes to fall down, only to come up for air feeling you still don't have anything tangible to help you on that voyage. 

When you are exploring spiritual life in the real world, it's not all rainbows, unicorn farts and love and light. Its real, raw and hard work.

Most of you don't live in a cave able to meditate endlessly and ponder your essence of being. 

And so, it is left to you to get responsible, own your journey and maintain practices and learning within your day to day life!

If you are dedicated to that, you rock in our eyes!    


Hi I'm Rachael.

I'm so excited that you've looked at our page and wish to explore your spirituality further. I'm a Teacher, Healer and Modern Mystic at Rachael's Reiki Healing and Beyond.

I've been on my active spiritual journey for 15 years now, although we all know that our spiritual journey is life long and beyond.


I work with clients by getting to the root of their issues in order to bring real change to their life. Through a combination of Galilean Healing, (Hypnotherapy & Advanced Reiki Healing), Spiritual Life Guidance, and teaching in many areas suited to the modern student.


I recognise the Teacher and Student in us all, the Healer & the Divine within us all and translate that into everything I do, to bring about Real World change in us all.

Teacher - Healer - Modern Mystic


Coach - Mentor - Healer

Hi I'm Nici.

My first experience with spirit was at 13 years old (I won't tell you how long ago that was!) and I've been exploring spirituality and metaphysics ever since!  You can find me at nicigorman.com

I'm a Psychic Medium, Card Reader, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, colour therapist and coach amongst many things, with a passion for empowerment via the anti-diet arena, confidence and body respect.

I love nothing more than empowering others in their healing journey and simplifying spirituality into the real world, with real experiences that you can use to grow on this journey! No navel-gazing here, my friends! 

I work with clients on many different aspects of their spiritual wellbeing, using my healing and coaching techniques and my focus is always on helping them to reframe their difficulties and heal! In fact this has earned me the nickname 'master of the reframe'



How much does it cost?

Membership to Real World Spirituality costs only £20 per month. This gives you access to the weekly online meetup videos from the last month, as well as being able to join us live each week!

Most in-person community groups cost around £5-8 to attend each week and if you miss a talk, there is no way to catch up. With Real World, you will save money at under £5 per week and have access to talks whether you attend in person or not! 

Is there a min membership period?

No! Of course we want you to be enjoying your journey with us enough that you stick around, but we don't believe in tying you into lengthy 12 month or 6 month plans.


You pay as you go monthly, which is easy to cancel, with no tie ins.

What else do you offer?

Great question! As part of Real World Spirituality, you gain access to our exclusive subscribers-only Facebook group! This is your safe place to share your ups and downs, to see all the upcoming online talks and to make friends!

On top of this, Rachael offers therapies and readings that you can access via her website:

Rachael's Reiki Healing & Beyond

And Nici offers therapies, readings and coaching that you can access below:

Nici Gorman

So all the meets are online?

They are! We have both run successful in-person groups and we realised that what was missing, was access for all the people who are unable to get out to groups once a week. Parents, carers, the differently abled community, night shift workers. We believe that EVERYONE has the right to access support and teachings on their spiritual journey, and so, Real World Spirituality was born!

Where Do I sign up?