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As a member of Real World Spirituality, you’ll enjoy access to the videos of our group meets and be able to download your favourites to keep! (The past month rolling) 

You'll have exclusive access to our Facebook support group - simply supply us with the email attached to your membership when you request to join below.

Real World Spirituality

Links to our weekly zoom meetings are posted in the Facebook group, so if you want to join us live, its the place to be!

So How Does This Work?​

Meeting live on zoom video every week we tackle, demystify and simplify the spiritual so that you can actually use this stuff. ​You can join us live, with your questions and thoughts, or catch up via the recordings of our weekly meet. 

Finally, a spiritual community meet where distance and time is no object!


What's in it for me?


Becoming a part of the Real World Spiritual community provides you with that important support & connection you are missing. Being on your spiritual path can be such a lonely place, especially when you feel like your friends and family don't understand, but here- you never need to feel alone again!

RWS is all about helping you grow and learn in a way that aligns to your individual pathway; no matter where you are on your journey.


Through having us both work with you, you'll always find an opinion that resonates with you, enabling you to take strength and acceptance on your own journey, by seeing two individuals empower each other in their own, sometimes (often) differing, opinions.


Our weekly meets allow you to truly begin to cut through the confusion of where your focus needs to be and allows you to become clear on what you want and HOW to get there.