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Rachael and I have finally gotten round to starting the Real World blog- Yay!

We've been talking about it for the past few months as we are both avid bloggers in our own right but it seems as we move towards Beltane, its now the right energy to light a fire under this joint space!

You can also find Rachael's individual blog HERE

And Nici's individual blog HERE

The past month has been a big one right? It feels a bit like the world has almost been on pause leading to some stagnant energy, but as restrictions begin to ease, I'm definitely feeling energy beginning to flow better with it!

Over in the real world membership we've had Rachael sharing one of her favourite tools, Tarot, with the group and for me, this was such a brilliant talk as I'm currently learning Tarot for the first time!

I know, a professional card reader who doesn't read Tarot?! Its more common than you think!

I decided at the beginning of the year to try doing some learning and development that was just for me and tarot was among one of the things I've always wanted to learn but had never got round to. I can't say I've fallen in love with the cards (I'm not a fan of Art Nouveau/1900's art) but I am falling in love with the technique and the symbology of the cards and system!

We've also been hugely blessed to have a wonderful practitioner, Zech Perry come and share candle magic with us. This one has been a massive favourite with the members (and Rach and I) with Zech's wonderful logical approach to magic and finding symbology and magic in the most beautiful pf mundane experiences. I wrote so many notes to use going forward in my own practice and the whole talk also prompted me to sort through my tools and organise them so I am more inclined to reach for them easily when needed!

Last week I held the group with a talk on emotional first aid, something that is so needed right now as we move out of restrictions and back into the busy world!

I think the biggest takeaway from it was looking back on the past year and realising what it is you haven't missed! We get so busy in day to day life don't we, that we can often forget to check why we are doing some of the things we are and then wondering why we are feeling burnt out, tired, disconnected or resentful.

Knowing what we want more of as we move forward and how to manage our mental and emotional health has been a huge part of this month for many.

How are you feeling as we move back into the world with more physical connection?

I know for me, I'm feeling several ways about it all!

For example I'm so glad we created Real World before the pandemic. After running in person communities, we both wanted to create a space that was accessible for everyone, rather than only those who could travel in the evenings.

Then as the pandemic hit, there was a natural need for more and more to be provided online, making so much stuff more accessible to people than ever!

And although I know RWS wont be going anywhere, as we purposely created an online forum, rather than responding to the pandemic need, I hope that other spaces continue to provide online alternatives to the work that they do and the communities they serve.

We have so many exciting things to look forward to as we move towards summer, like the field trips we are planning! But mostly, I'm looking forward to more quality connections, growth and community in the beautiful online space we've worked hard to create.

This week we are connecting with Buddha and then its onwards to the wonderful Sabbat of Beltane!

I can't wait to see what comes up in our community over the next few weeks.

Until next time massive love,


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