Secret Spaces; Quan Yin & Compassion

Compassion within and without. A break down of self compassion, what it looks like and where you maybe on that journey, Mirror and Reflection healing.

The other week at Real World Spirituality I had a really fantastic evening. The group was small and perfectly formed. Normally there is a passive ego wobble if not many people turn up; a fear that what I have is not valid or not of interest. But that mindset certainly feels like it’s moving on; my focus on not just being seen but being loved & seen starting to evidence itself within me. I am so pleased for myself and so pleased that it was a night where the connection was one of self-compassion.

We were connecting in for Healing through Quan Yin.

I started working with her, on and off, about 6 years ago maybe. A time when I really started to focus on my self compassion. For me she comes in on a high vibration, on the Christed Consciousness energy. Very much realigning the Divine Feminine within all of us. She is a strong and nurturing figure, guiding you rather then pushing. Great grace and power in the way she works. Sitting and waiting for us to get ourselves to her, so she can help us when we are in the right place (it is likely she is calling you to work with her now, as you are reading this!). She works via the Higher Heart and the Sacred Space connections, bringing it up to her vibration in seventh dimensions.

And so it makes sense that when I went to channel the evening of healing through her, the theme of healing which came up was compassion in all its forms.

  • Self Compassion; this comes in many forms. But if you are a truly spiritual healer, your needs are just as important as the needs of others. There is no selfishness in spirit; many of us feel that pull where all we One and so the idea of someone else having anything but your best interests at heart is an alien one to many on this path. We don’t need to worry about our own needs so much. However, we are not spirit. We are human. There are two levels; needs & wants. Get your need foundations in place before you start getting your desires in life met. But that’s a whole other convo for another day.

  • Self-forgiveness; those times we criticise ourselves, berate ourselves or negatively view ourselves. Approaching this healing from a space where you simply accept that you are currently in this space, a space which you would like to move away from but that in this moment, you are beautifully flawed and seeing that beautiful flaw for what it is, is the step on building new habits from a positive place, or realising that you maybe too harsh on yourself.

  • What serves my highest good & personal best interests, also serves that of others. Now if you’re reading this blog, it’s doubtful that you’re a completely selfish so n so (I set strong intentions for those that I wish to work with; whether it is a blog read or a healing appointment, I always want to feel blessed to be in your presence). Those that automatically serve the needs of others before their own, tend to be on the natural healer & Empath vibration. It’s rare that your ego is going to get it’s own way, so trust what your body & the Universe is telling you. If your cup is not overflowing, if you are acting from a space of duty or responsibility, then you need to think again about why you are doing what you’re doing. When stepping away from something you may come back to it, you may not. Either way, if you need to say no for now, do so. If it’s meant to be in your life, you’ll feel the pull at a later point. This will give you the space to fill your life full of all that lovely jubliness we all love!!

  • Mirror Work & Reflection; when it comes to outward compassion, using these methods is really helpful. Conflict is how we grow; it’s essential. It helps us explore ourselves & others. It helps us heal our foibles & pushes us closer to our personal truths.

  • When we mirror the world around us, we look for a part of us that is the same. If your material default is that it’s someone else’s fault, which is very common & perfectly natural (it’s a survival mechanism which is often reinforced during childhood with parents, teachers & guides of all sorts) then this, for the time being, needs to form the major part of your personal reflection work. If you are triggered by someone else’s behaviour, where in you does the same behaviour lay? Take this apart; quiet space where you ask your ego to kindly step to one side. Here you will find compassion for yourself and for the other party. In understanding yourself, your understand the other party.

  • We can then take that a step further and look at reflection. If you find that on examining the topic there isn’t much in the way of a seed which lays within you which mirrors the other person, look for how this situation is pushing you towards your personal truth. Reflection being often an opposite of what the other person stands for. There is still healing work. Anger you may feel or sadness will be bundled up inside healing still needing to be done around the topic. Or it maybe that you need to empower how you feel about this area in your life. There will always be a take.

  • I want to be really clear; Compassion for others does not mean total forgiveness. It means accepting others for exactly where they are. If, as a human, that is toxic relationship, find a space from where you can view them with love. That maybe a long way away. When I say that I mean, have them enough in your life where their presence is not overwhelming, damaging or disabling. The important thing is to make sure you heal yourself enough that even at a distance their presence in your life in the form of painful memories or negative bad habits or self beliefs, no longer hold the power that they did.

I personally use the Alana Fairchild Kuan Yin Oracle cards to conne

ct into Quan. Genuinely beautiful cards to look at. The message from each one is spot on spiritualy, and is grounded. With each card is a short explanation & a long one, a ritual healing exercise & a mantra/prayer.

For me each card has healing in it, & absolutely connects into Quan's energy. I’d highly recommend them and if I ever create a deck of cards so beautiful I’ll be a very happy lady!

On the evening everyone got a card and a reading from me; which included the beautiful little exercise they each got on the card to do at home, to further the healing we did in the session, through a visualisation.

I got my own reminder of how special my connection is (as I believe all connection are special). A couple of days before, a friend had been given an

amazing place to go to for meditation, from which to do healing & spiritual work. I had thought at the time, I wish I had somewhere so cool! Then this card reminded me that I did!

Alana Fairchild; Kuan Yin Oracle

My space to go to for a long time has been my mountain side, with it’s cherry blossom, a cool walk up if I wish for spiritual guidance and a lovely amble down to the local village if I wish for earthly direction. I didn’t realise how special this place was; how it had been created for me and given to me.

What thoughts do you have about compassion which you would add to this?

Have you connected into Kuan Yin before for healing? What did you feel? If not, are you drawn to her and what do you think she could help you with?

I love to hear your thoughts.

Love as always

Rachael x

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